Commercial Management


Sea Hawk Maritime S.A. upholds

its mission by enhancing cost efficiency and optimization, while maximizing fleet profitability through chartering, vessel operations, and market analysis.

We leverage our entry into the Hafnia Handy tanker pool, which provides our company with considerable advantage when compared with other small tanker managers. This move aligns perfectly with our mission to create protective buffers in times of turmoil, while reaping rewards in times of plenty. Our expertise in new acquisitions, solid industry relationships (especially with high-end pools and brokers), and proficiency in Sales & Purchases (SNP) reaffirm our presence in the maritime sector.

Within the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) domain, Sea Hawk Maritime S.A. ambitiously pursues trading and fleet growth, demonstrating a more proactive response to market prospects. The successful transition to tankers two years ago highlights our agility in decision-making, showcases our ability to identify key information, and exemplifies our capacity for astute and timely business expansion.