Sea Hawk Maritime S.A.
is a first-class ship management company with an unrivalled command of commercial and technical services.

With almost two decades of extensive experience, our team has an outstanding record in leading the development and efficient management of high-end commercial vessels.

We invest capital in vessels that secure rapid acquisition permits, significantly reducing execution time and investment risks.

We rely on the expertise of our perceptive investment team embedded in the local market, while our legal and tax framework is strengthened by international advisors with extensive experience, guaranteeing dependable administration and compliance within the maritime industry.


In our complex and dynamic industry, it is crucial for investors to have access to transparent information. We firmly believe that transparency in maritime shipping is more than just unveiling data — it's about establishing trust, mitigating risks, and nurturing responsible and sustainable investment prospects.

Sea Hawk Maritime S.A. has implemented a Planned Maintenance System (PMS) which grants stakeholders access to comprehensive information and enables them to trace every step involved in each order and transaction. Coupled with paperless communications, this system ensures that all documentation and activity is exposed to scrutiny, significantly reducing the risk of fraudulent activities. Our automated PMS also allows investors to access their financial data upon request.

Trust forms the foundation of successful relations in maritime shipping. It relies on dependable performance, transparency, and consistency, resulting in stronger partnerships, reduced risk perception, and a more durable and appealing investment opportunity within the sector.

Being a family-owned company with nearly 20 years of successful presence in international ship management, we are trusted by our partners and stakeholders and we continuously aim to cultivate enduring relationships with them. Our outstanding operational standards have also granted us the credibility of the banking sector, giving us access to funding opportunities.

Integrity is vital within the maritime shipping industry to ensure ethical conduct and reliability. Sea Hawk Maritime S.A. is committed to ethical practices and operates honestly, upholding legal and ethical standards, while demonstrating integrity in all business dealings. Our aim is to help create a more stable, sustainable, and trustworthy investment environment within the maritime sector.

We firmly believe that good maritime business begins with our people. Our company's ethos centres on valuing our workforce and prioritising their needs, which is the reason behind our high crew loyalty rate. This certification is a testament to our unwavering commitment to protecting both life and property. We are classed with major members of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS), which certifies our dedication in promoting the safety of life and property, and implement all international environmental standards (as set by the International Maritime Organisation). Additionally, our ships are insured by top-tier brokers.

Sea Hawk Maritime S.A. adheres to sanctions-free trading, which entails the company refraining from conducting business with nations or entities subject to sanctions.


Strong reputation and stellar record of performance


Outstanding success in meeting shipping market challenges


Flawless inspection history


Fleet trading in all ports with excellent records, including USA, Australia and EU


Correct mix between young and agile with old and experienced personnel


Key personnel have significant seagoing experience in both wet and dry sectors



With an extensive network of partners and ports, Sea Hawk Maritime S.A. is a well-established ship management expert with outstanding operational standards and a proven track record of more than 1500 successful charters.


A family-owned company headquartered in Voula,

A family-owned company headquartered in Voula, Greece, Sea Hawk Maritime S.A. blends outstanding proficiency in ship management with strategic decision-making, delivered by a strong Committee of Directors consisting of global financial, corporate, and ship management leaders.

Greece, Sea Hawk Maritime S.A. blends outstanding proficiency in ship management with strategic decision-making, delivered by a strong Committee of Directors consisting of global financial, corporate, and ship management leaders.

Michalis Kourtesis
Managing Director
Cpt. Neofytos Kourtesis
Operations Manager
Alekos Detsikas
Commercial Manager
Cpt. Nikos Athanasakos
HSQE & Vetting Manager
George Evdaimon
Technical Manager
Cpt. George Mavrogiorgis
Marine Manager
Vivi Dapergola
Accounts Manager
Nikolas Sarantos
IT Manager
Antonis Stefanou
Marine Department
Despina Mathiopoulou
Purchasing Department
Konstantinos Mitrofanis
Technical Department
Annie Dervitsioti
Operations Department
Elisavet Koulani
PA to General Manager
Katerina Kamnaki
Accounts Department